Role of the breast cancer specialist

We understand the stress and anxiety associated with even the most trivial breast symptoms. We recognise how individualised interventions must be for every one of our patients. Based on principles of open discussion and collective decision-making, we aim to provide assessment and management of all breast conditions. We aim to deliver comprehensive breast care by working closely with several other specialists making your journey as smooth as possible. Following is a synopsis of our breast surgery practice.

We aim to provide a supportive environment for the best outcome.
Individualized breast care

Breast cancer risk assessment and management by the breast cancer specialist

Breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in Australia. Every individual has a risk of developing breast cancer. It is only logical that every individual understands one’s risk so that informed decisions and necessary interventions can be undertaken to mitigate it. Our practice aims to support you in this process.

Assessment and management of breast symptoms by a breast cancer specialist

Distressing symptoms in the breast are most associated with benign conditions, while breast cancer remains asymptomatic for long after its onset. On the contrary, any breast symptom usually associated with benign conditions can be seen in breast cancers. So, all symptoms in the breast deserve a diligent assessment and management by a breast cancer specialist. We will provide you with the most accurate information about your symptoms, guiding you through the stages of its control.

Breast surgery by breast cancer specialist - oncoplastic breast surgery

Breast surgery has come a long way from the era of mutilating breast cancer treatment. In Modern breast cancer treatment, surgery still plays a central role but only as a part of multidisciplinary treatment. Oncoplastic surgery involves careful planning of breast cancer treatment, with the outcome and quality of life in mind from the beginning of cancer treatment. It will involve carefully selecting and sequencing oncological treatment components to achieve the best possible result. It incorporates appropriate plastic surgical techniques in cancer resection and reconstruction to remove cancer and maintain the cosmesis and quality of life as best as possible. We are proud to offer you every viable option of modern oncoplastic surgery.

Breast cancer specialist in Multidisciplinary Breast cancer care

Breast cancer management needs close interaction with multiple specialists. We liaise with these specialists and your doctor for the best possible care. An experienced breast care nurse will guide you through your journey.

Breast surgery

Breast cancer specialists interact closely with radiology, nuclear medicine services, breast care nurses, physiotherapists and oncologists for the best outcome for the patient. Most breast surgical procedures can be performed as day surgery procedures. Careful preparation planning and post-operative care produce the best outcomes in breast surgery. Please find more information about specific surgical conditions and their surgical care here.

Post-surgery care of breast conditions

Surgery is often not the end of the care needed for breast conditions. We endeavour to provide you with continuing care until you are restored to the best quality of life possible. Please read about our post-operative care for breast conditions here.

Breast and endocrine conditions require multidisciplinary care.