Mr Justin James
Mr Justin James

Specialist Endocrine and Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon Melbourne

Thank you for visiting my website. I am a specialist Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon and Endocrine Surgeon.

Specialist Breast Cancer Surgeon Melbourne

As a specialist Breast Cancer Surgeon in Melbourne, I offer modern Oncoplastic Breast Surgery. Oncoplastic breast surgery is the technique of surgical care of breast conditions incorporating principles of aesthetic surgery and effective cancer surgery. Understanding the stress and anxiety associated with even a most trivial breast symptom, we offer you patient-centred, comprehensive breast care in the most friendly environment.

Specialist Endocrine Surgeon Melbourne

Endocrine surgery involves surgery of the hormone-secreting glands of the body. I have expertise in the surgery of the thyroid and parathyroid glands. Read more about endocrine surgery here.

Services Offered By My Team

Along with my highly experienced team members, we aim to provide expert care in the most friendly and supportive setting. Being a specialised Breast Surgeon in Melbourne we understand that breast care is an individualised process with various possible treatment pathways. Read more about our services or contact us here.

Credentials of my team

I am a fully trained breast surgeon in Melbourne and throughout Australia with membership in “Breast surgeons of Australia and New Zealand”. Similarly, I am an “Australian & New Zealand Endocrine Surgeons” member with specialist thyroid and parathyroid surgery training. Read my detailed credentials here.

Locations of our services

We provide timely prompt consultation and private surgical services through our convenient locations at Mount Waverley and Berwick. Patients who need expert public hospital care will be referred appropriately.

Contact Us For A Caring Team To Manage Your Thyroid, Parathyroid Or Breast Concerns

Servicing the southeast of Melbourne, Mr Justin James welcomes patients from Berwick, Mount Waverley and all surrounding areas. Please contact him to learn more about oncoplastic breast and endocrine surgery, and the general surgical care that he offers. Call 03 9695 5421 or email

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