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Mr. Justin James is a highly skilled breast and endocrine surgeon, who services Berwick and surrounding areas. He has expertise in the management of benign and malignant breast diseases, thyroid and parathyroid diseases and common general surgical conditions.

Offering an individualised, expert, specialist surgical care for breast and endocrine conditions, Mr. Justin James delivers evidence based, multi-disciplinary breast cancer care in the most friendly and supportive setting.

As a oncoplastic breast and endocrine surgeon, Mr. Justin James has experience in surgery where plastic surgical principles and techniques are used in the excision of breast cancers for enhanced cosmetic outcome, better clearance of the disease, and ultimately better patient satisfaction.

To know more about the services that Mr. Justin James provide his patients, don’t hesitate to contact him for a discussion.

Where you can turn for oncoplastic breast and endocrine surgery

You need to be able to feel comfortable with your doctor and establish an open line of communication to ensure that you understand procedures. Mr. Justin James does just that with all of his patients and is more than happy to chat about your oncoplastic breast and endocrine surgery, and answers your questions.

Backed by his skills and expertise as well as his passion for academic excellence, Mr. Justin James can assist you in coming to terms with your disease, and prides himself on offering a personalised care to all his patients.

If you would like to know more about Mr. Justin James’ education and training, you can do so on his about page.

Contact Mr. Justin James for breast and endocrine surgery in Berwick

Servicing Berwick, Mount Waverley and beyond in the southwest of Melbourne, if you require a breast and endocrine surgeon, please contact Mr. Justin James. In addition to oncoplastic breast and endocrine surgery, he can also assist with general surgical care. Call 03 9695 5421 or email info@drjustinjames.com.au.

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